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Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping

If you are like me, then you want to know how to save money grocery shopping.  We all have our specific places to buy specific things.  By doing that, I found through my research many ways to save money.

For me to save money, I like to go to three different places – the grocery store, Walmart, Sam’s or Costco.  All 3 types of stores serve different purposes.  Do I save in gas?  Maybe not but I like to get more bang for my buck when it comes to groceries.  This is how I do it.

Grocery Store

We all have our favorite grocery store.  We go to them for certain items or maybe you get everything there.  I like to go to my grocery store because of the reward card deals.  You know, the ones with the BOGO (buy one, get one free) and10 for $10 deals.

The way it works is like this, you sign up for the grocery store rewards card.  You get the items they have on sale with reward card only on the sticker.

For instance, a package of pasta is selling for the regular price $1.99 but with the rewards card, it’s on sale for $0.99.  Or, a package of pasta is regularly priced $1.99 and with the rewards card it’s buy one pasta package and get the other one for free.  Another example is when the pasta is on sale, one for $1 or 10 for $10.  You don’t need to buy 10 packages of pasta to get the deal.

The best way to know what’s on sale is to check out their weekly ads.  They will either include them in the newpaper or upload them to their website.


Walmart is another place I frequent for certain items.  We all know Walmart has the best prices in town!  You can go anywhere you want but you can’t compete with Walmart prices.  I like to go there for most of my basic groceries such as fruits and veggies, laundry detergent, toiletries, cleaning products, off brand medicines and anything that’s in the grocery aisles.

For example, if I am cooking and I need a lot of ingredients, I will go to Walmart to get the bulk of the ingredients.  I found I save more going there than my favorite grocery store.  Their prices are lower than what the grocery store offers.  For example, the grocery store will have a can of veggies for $1.99.  Walmart will have the same can of veggies for $0.99.  That one dollar can add up pretty fast.

If I need to buy any meats, then I just go to the grocery store, Sam’s or Costco.  I have never been a fan of Walmart meats.  It’s ok if you like their meats.  You might just save more than me.

Sam’s and Costco

When I need to buy meats, I like to go to Sam’s or Costco.  If you didn’t know, Sam’s and Costco are the places to go to buy in bulk.  I love that!  It’s nice to go in and buy products that last forever.  You can save money that way.  I prefer Sam’s over Costco.

I have found that Sam’s has more brand name products and a little cheaper than Costco.  I’m not hating on Costco.  I like them for different reasons.  The reason I like Sam’s is their meats are good and affordable.  Costco has good cuts of meat but a little pricier.  Costco has some prepped foods such as sandwiches and salads that I like, too.

When buying meats in bulk, the idea is to divide up the meats for each meal you’re cooking.  Put the divided meats in freezer bags and put in the freezer.  This way you can take out the freezer bag in the morning to defrost  By the time you’re home from work, the meat is defrosted and ready to cook for dinner.

The main reasons I go to Sam’s and Costco is for laundry detergent, toiletries, meats and canned goods.  I like to buy anything that will last a long time.  The canned goods come in handy when bad weather is coming like hurricanes and blizzards.

How Do You Save Money?

It may not seem like you can save money going to different stores for different things and wasting gas but you can.  Write out what you need.  If you are cooking from recipes, then write out all of your ingredients.  Make sure to specify where you want to get your groceries.

Something else to think about is budgeting for two weeks.  The best way to save money is buying two weeks worth of groceries.  Most people get paid biweekly, so it makes sense to do your grocery shopping on that schedule.  It’s what I do.  That way I can budget for every 2 weeks.


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