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Too Many Gifts

My kids are 4 and 1 and a half. We’re blessed to be surrounded by loving family who takes great care of them and never complains when I need a babysitter or a break to get some errands done or get some “me” time. I almost feel bad complaining about this, since we really are soooo lucky! But one of the grandmas who watches and sees my kids regularly is a chronic gift-giver. I mean, it’s really over the top. Every time we see her, she’s giving my kids 4 or 5 extra little gifts that they don’t need. I feel so ungrateful and I know that she does it out of love. It would break her heart if I asked her to stop. But my house is overflowing with all of these extra toys that my kids don’t even play with. Plus, I worry about them becoming spoiled and entitled if they’re given things just for existing. Do you have any suggestions?

I think this is a very common problem with grandmothers.  It’s a good problem to have but I do understand the issue you are having.  You understand that the grandmother is doing this out of love, which is good.  However, there is a little problem that can be easily solved.

If your house is overflowing with these toys, then I suggest asking the grandmother to give the gifts when the kids are at her house.  That way they will stay there and the kids can play with them when they are at grandma’s house.  If they don’t play with them while they are there, then she will see for herself what happens with the toys and may lighten up on the gift-giving.

As what to do with the toys the kids don’t play with at home?  Bring them to grandma’s house for the kids to play with there.  If they don’t play with those toys, then grandma will get the hint.

As far as the kids becoming spoiled and entitled, I don’t think grandma’s gifts will make the kids that way.  As long as they are being taught to be thankful for what they receive, they will be just fine.

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