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What I Learned from Blogging Groups on Facebook

blogging groups facebookSince I started blogging, I joined a few blogging groups on Facebook.  I wanted to learn from others’ mistakes and what worked for them.  I have learned a lot on my own but it always helps to involve yourself in social groups.

While involving myself in these blogging groups on Facebook, I saw things that I didn’t like.  I felt there was some dishonesty or misleading actions.  There were good things as well but they were hidden behind the bad stuff.

What do I mean by the bad stuff?  Imagine you join a blogging group.  The group claims they can help you get 10K followers within a month by offering a free ecourse.  That sounds great! Right?

I decided to try it out to see what it was all about.  Maybe I will learn some great techniques to improve my traffic.  After I started the free course, I saw how it was really done.  Everyone had to create their various social media pages.  Then post each of their links in an Excel spreadsheet.

This Excel spreadsheet had a list of everyone in the course with their website link and social media links.  The idea was to have everyone participate by commenting on the websites and like or join their social media pages.

To me, this was not the way to get people to your blog or social media pages.  I didn’t think this was good.  In fact, I thought this was very misleading.  How are you teaching people to get traffic this way?  In my opinion, it was very dishonest.  I’m not saying this particular blogging group doesn’t have anything to offer.

Now, I will stop the bashing and give you some positive aspects of these blogging groups.  I have met some really great bloggers on each one.  I have learned a thing or two as well.  One thing I learned is how great Pinterest is for traffic.  I even learned how to create better Pinterest pictures!

Another great thing about joining these blogging groups on Facebook, is that people are there to help you grow your blog.  It’s a community of bloggers that wants everyone to succeed.  I strongly suggest joining a few, so you can experience the positive aspects they provide.

Just remember to go in with an open mind.  You just don’t know who you will meet and who will help you.  Good luck and happy blogging!


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