How to Save Money When Shopping
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How to Save Money When Shopping

If you like to shop like I do but don’t like to pay full price, then you are in the right place.  When I shop, I like to spend as little money as possible.  I detest paying full price for anything but sometimes I can’t get out of it.  The times I do get a really good deal is like hitting the jackpot.

I have talked in other posts about how to save money when shopping but I wanted to go more in-depth on the topic here.

Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping is when you compare prices of the same product to two or more stores before buying.  I do this a lot with grocery stores and also with Costco and Sam’s.  Many people do this with Amazon now.

For instance, if you find a product in a store at the mall but you don’t want to pay that price, you just go to Amazon to find it for a cheaper price.  I would say that 99.9% of the time you will find it cheaper on Amazon, including the shipping.

Comparison shopping is a great way to learn how different stores price their goods.  I have found that one grocery store raises their meat and liquor prices, while other prices are lowered.  Therefore, I know I won’t be buying my meats and liquor at this particular grocery store.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is buying your items from the internet.  This has become more and more popular as many companies are competing against each other for your business.

Just this week, my husband ordered some items from Walmart because of their free 2-day shipping policy.  Amazon will give you that same policy but you must be a Prime member to get it.  This is comparison shopping at its best.

I love Amazon but I shouldn’t need to buy a membership to get the same thing that Walmart is offering for free.  When it comes down to it, it’s about your preference.

Online shopping is also about convenience.  Many people prefer to be in the comfort of their home and shop.  They would prefer to pay extra for shipping than go out to the mall, especially during the holidays when the malls are packed with people.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a prime example of this.  Many people are preferring to shop on Cyber Monday instead of going out and fighting the crowds on Black Friday.

Grocery Shopping

The grocery store is another place where you can save a lot of money.  I have saved hundreds of dollars because I ask questions.  I have talked about it here.  For example, I like the La Croix drinks.  So, one day I went to my local grocery store to buy some.  Some of the cases were for $6.39 and others were $4.99.

There was nothing different except the flavor, so I asked the manager about it.  I wanted to know why some were more expensive than the others.  She said most likely because they came from different vendors.

Ok, I can understand that part but there should be some common sense that comes into play as well.  You can’t sell the same item at two different prices without someone taking notice.  I couldn’t believe no one else had brought this up to them!  In the end, I got my La Croix drinks for $4.99 a case.

Another way to save money at the grocery store is to use the store’s coupons along with the manufacturer’s coupons.  One time I was able to buy my dog food for $0.99 because of this.

This is how you do it – your dog food costs $6.99.  You have a manufacturer coupon for $4.00 off one bag of dog food and a store coupon for $2.00 off one bag of dog food of the same brand.  This brings your total to $0.99.

Where do you get the store coupons?  You get them from the store’s weekly ad they put out.  A lot of times they will be in the front of the stores or on their website.

And if that isn’t awesome enough, you can now save money using Amazon Prime at Whole Foods.  When you download the Whole Foods app on your phone, it will ask you for your Amazon Prime account information.  So whenever you go to Whole Foods, you can get the cheaper prices specifically for Amazon Prime members.  All you need to do is open the app and let the cashier scan the code from your app on your phone.

Retail Shopping

Retail shopping is very similar to grocery shopping except there are no manufacturer coupons.  However, there are ways to save money, which I talk about here.

Also, I have found using the app Retail Me Not to search for sales and coupons.  It’s always up to date with just about every store imaginable.

Another tip when retail shopping, is to pay attention to the brand’s websites.  For example, I wanted a pair of name brand shoes.  I checked the brand’s website to see how much they were.  So when I went to Macy’s to buy them, Macy’s was selling them for $10.00 more than the price on the brand’s page.

You know what I did about that?  I pulled the page up on my phone and showed it to the sales lady.  I told her they can’t sell these shoes for more than the brand’s page and I wanted them for the cheaper price.  Guess what?  I got what I wanted and because I inquired about it.

Retail companies count on people being content with what is already out there.  These companies don’t count on people to ask or inquire about a sale or price difference.  It’s up to you to do something about it.

My daughter hates it when I inquire about something.  She feels that I am being rude for inquiring about a price difference or whatever the case may be.  I have explained to her that I am the consumer.  I am the one spending the money to keep these places in business.  If I have an issue with something, then I have a right to speak up about it.

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