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The One Hack to Get Rid of Diaper Rash

Are you a new parent?  Have you experienced your first or maybe second encounter with diaper rash?  Have you ever had a case of diaper rash that is so severe that your baby screams in agony?  Then keep reading to find out what to do.

If you are a new parent, then your child will eventually get diaper rash.  Yeah, it is not fun for anyone, especially the baby.  All babies get it, so be on the lookout for it!

What is diaper rash?  It’s caused by an irritation to the skin from contact with urine, poop and laundry detergent.

If it is laundry detergent that is causing the problem, then you should try a detergent like Dreft.  It is made specifically for baby clothes and sensitive skin.

Another thing to think about, don’t use scented baby wipes.  This is another irritant that can cause diaper rash.

If your baby is experiencing diaper rash, then this is what you do.  And I am serious as a heart attack that this works!  My pediatrician told me to do this and I can’t believe it worked!

If you are from the south, then you will know about Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.  This should be in your diaper bag at all times until your baby is out of diapers!  Now, along with the butt paste, you need Milk of Magnesia.  I’m serious about this!  And no, you don’t need to put the Milk of Magnesia in your diaper bag unless you are going on a vacation or day trip.

So, this is what you do with these two products – take the butt paste and apply it to the diaper rash then put the diaper on the baby.  Then the next time you change the baby’s diaper, you apply the Milk of Magnesia to the diaper rash.  It helps dry out the diaper rash area.

You just keep interchanging between the two products until the diaper rash is gone.  So, the next time your baby gets diaper rash, you will know what to do.

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